Week 7 Blog post

I have wanted, for quite some time now (years), to develop a series of videos/screen casts for several of my classes.

Initially I would like just to handle a number of small, somewhat trivial, start-up tasks that my students must complete at the beginning of the semester.  These tasks inevitably generate numerous questions, and I would really like to stop most (if not all) of those questions from hitting my inbox.  I would like to have at least a few of these start-up videos completed before the 2013 spring semester begins, which would give me about a 3 month time frame.
Beyond the initial start-up videos, I would like to be able to continue the development of these videos/screencasts until I have a comprehensive educational video library for my students.  This library would be a very useful supplement to our face-to-face meetings.  I see this portion of the idea as a work-in-progress and, as such, wouldn’t really have a time frame, but rather, more of a personal commitment to keep making them as time passes.
I have been putting this off for several reasons:
  • I didn’t want to buy a piece of software.
  • I didn’t want to take the time to learn how to use that software.
  • I’m not sure I know how to put together a video that is effective.
Jing is a free piece of software that is easy to use, so the first two reasons are not valid anymore.  That being said, I am not certain that Jing is the best tool for the job.  I could start my research by comparing different tools via a few tutorials:
  1. Jing – A free tool
  2. SnagIt – A $50tool
  3. CamTasia – An expensive ($300) tool
  4. CamStudio – A free tool
And then maybe look through some “Best-Practices” for screencasts.
I think I could pull this off in the three month time-frame that I have.  Also, I know a guy who works in IT Support Services who would be a great twitter or face-to-face resource 😉

One thought on “Week 7 Blog post

  1. I also looked into Jing this week. The only downside to it I found is that you can only record up to five minute screencap videos. Ironically enough there used to be an app on Macs that allowed you to record your screen activity for up to a half hour, but that was on…OS 5 or something super old. I don’t know why they got rid of it, I remember playing with it as a kid but now as an adult I could actually use it for something, well, useful!

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